Signing Up
Entries can be made until the course day. However, we recommend that you sign up early, as the number of participant places on all courses is limited.

As a private consumer, you cannot sign up online. Instead, this can be done by contacting our administration on telephone + 45 45 76 58 58 - who will in this case, grant you exemption for participation, if you are not associated to a company.

Your registration and hereby payment for participation in the training programmes, courses or events is binding. However, 50% of the registration fee on the one and two-day courses is refunded if the cancellation is made more than ten weeks before the course start. If the cancellation is made later than ten weeks before the course start, 25% of the registration fee is refunded. If the cancellation is made less than six weeks before the course start, the registration fee is non-refundable.

Transfer of place

If you are unable to participate in a course or an event, you can choose to pass on your place to a colleague. However, it must be a colleague from the same workplace, as the one you represented when signing up. In this case, the transfer can be done for free on daytime courses and for a fee of GBP 250,-.

Quantity Discount
When registering five or more participants from the same company at the same, you achieve a total discount of 20 %. This discount can only be achieved when signing up all participants at the same time.

Internal e-learning Training Programmes
Our e-learning programmes can advantageously be combined with the company's internal skills development process. In this process, we can assist your company in developing and adapting the content of the e-learning platform, so that it will meet the company's requirements and objectives of internal training programmes and development.

Customized e-learning Courses
We also develop and compose all new e-learning platforms or long-term development courses. Based on the company's need for training, we develop e-learning platforms that create the optimum conditions for learning and development.

A customized or internal e-learning programme or platform is not necessarily an expensive investment. Often, it is much better and cheaper than the costly teaching and training investments. Do not hesitate to give us a call, should you be interested in getting an offer or proposal for an e-learning course in your company.

Terms of payment: net cash (within 8 days). The amount is requested paid via check or transferred to our account. Access to the platform is granted immediately after payment.

If PROBANA cancels a course/training programme, your transferred amount will be reimbursed. PROBANA is not liable for any direct or indirect loss which may arise as a result of cancellation, the nature of the teaching or the curriculum, or other conditions. In case of force majeure, technical breakdown, as well as exceptional situations (e.g. teacher's illness) in which PROBANA has no fault, PROBANA is not liable for any loss or travel costs.

We accept no liability for any school day, conference or training day and can be moved if teachers are prevented from attendance or other significant circumstances that day can not be implemented.

Other Terms, Jurisdiction, etc.
Any dispute shall be settled according to Danish law, with the exception of applicable law. Disputes must be brought before the Copenhagen City Court as exclusive jurisdiction, unless mandatory law provides otherwise.

If one or more of the terms of these conditions be held invalid, illegal or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining terms. If you wish to get further information about PROBANA, click here or call us on telephone + 45 45 76 58 58.





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