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PROBANA is a dynamic training and consultancy company with a strong impetus in advisory and research activities in the field of management, HR, psychology, communication and e-learning. Based on blended learning and effective learning methods, PROBANA develops people and companies. PROBANA Business School was founded in 1992 and is 100% Danish-owned. PROBANA serves customers all over the world. .

Managers responsible for HR and training from all over the country are rating PROBANA top high in their own published evaluations
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Our Employees

At PROBANA, you will meet professional employees, teachers and consultants who are committed to provide theoretical knowledge with a practical meaning, so that it can be used effectively in both private and public companies.


Blended learning

PROBANA's training programme includes a large number of open courses in leadership development, Human Resource Management, psychology and personal development. The number of options is high and so is the likelihood that you will find one or more training programmes that will suit you and your employees. All programmes are combined with course days, lectures at university level and e-learning with personal contact to colleagues, experts, professionals, and teachers.


Our Teachers and Partners

PROBANA's courses and training programmes will be carried out in close cooperation with a number of external partners, all of which are renowned for their sharp expertise and professional knowledge. Over the last 15 years, PROBANA has had the pleasure of working with notable experts, professionals, and teachers.







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